Abel, Get Your Gun. (1)


I was tired of waiting.

I came right back to the bunker, where the Winchesters stayed. They let me in, wordlessly.

What was going on with them? Did they know about the angels?

Dean told me that he had discovered a new method for killing Abbadon. I curiously listened, until he became unsettled….

//Abel, Get Your Gun. 1//


The bunker’s backyard goes for miles. We’ve got a longer strip of dusty road then anybody’d walk to sell cookies or sing carols. And that’s the way we like it.

Out in our middle of nowhere, the last thing Sam and me saw comin’ was a knock on the door

Cas came back into the bunker like he’d never…



Title: Abel, Get Your Gun.

Characters: Dean, Cas, Sam, Crowley

Pairing: Destiel(forever and always)

Schedule: Updates will post on Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays at 7:30 Pacific Time

Start/End Date: April 14th-Mid May

Description: As the effects of the Mark of Cain begin to harm Dean, Cas has to do everything in his power to prevent him from losing control.

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//These blogs have had a complicated history. During the Post-Season 8 Hiatus, we essentially wrote a fanfic that extended over the whole summer and was interactive through the use of these blogs. When the show came back, we wiped that slate and decided that we would try and follow the show’s plot. Taylor and I(Mairin) are writers at heart, so we didn’t love that all too much.

Now, we have a new plan. And it’s awesome.

Introducing The SPN Writing Project:

     We’ve decided to put our own twist on fanfiction. These blogs will cycle through different fanfictions and plots that relate to the themes currently being discussed in the show. (Mark of Cain, Castiel’s grace, etc.) Each fic will last from a couple of weeks to a month or two, and we’ll publish it bit by bit through journal entries on each blog. Dean, Cas, and sometimes Sam will all be telling the same story as it happens to them through journal entries. But here’s the best part: The fic will become interactive with your messages and questions. Not only can you reveal deeper parts of the story through what you ask, but we can even bend our planned plot based around something a reader says. And, we’ll obviously be answering the asks in character so you can truly become a part of each story. When the fic ends, we’ll post the updates all together as a complete set on our ao3 account. And then we’ll set up/introduce the next story and the cycle will repeat. 

DISCLAIMER: There’s gonna be enough Destiel to flood the ocean. 

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Back when I was a kid, my old man used to shake me up at dawn with somethin’ to say. He’d sit right down on the side of my bed, fill me in on a need-to-know basis

Sam’d stay asleep, news for my ears only. If the squeak of the motel mattress woke him, he kept his eyes shut.

My Dad’d start it…



Sometimes I skip on out of the bunker. Usually I’ve got nothin’ to do, gotta drive for an hour or two before you hit somethin’ good, so I just get some air and suck down a song or two on the road

But last night, I had a plan. A damn good one. Twenty minutes from the bunker there’s a Target…



Cas laid down in my bed last night. Flat on his back, shoes on.

He’d let me know, straight out, that he was done leavin’ me alone. That he was gonna help me figure it all out instead of let me mourn in the dark

He rolled over a couple times, sat up, flipped his pillow, and ended up back in…



Cas and me sat our asses down on the bunker’s couch with It’s a Wonderful Life in that good old VHS form.

So help me God, I’m teachin’ the guy what his nickname means. ‘Every time a bell rings, an angel gets it’s wings’ just really sounds like Cas’s business, doesn’t it?

Didn’t talk much,…



Cas found me on the couch, and I was gone.

Looking at the wall, or the window, I don’t remember and I don’t give a damn.

My eyes were wet until the air dried ‘em

I was still.

And I was suffocating. All the air was there, but I couldn’t taste it.

Guess I forgot how to breathe. To…


 Big holiday’s just eight days out from here, and I’ve got a plan or two.

It’s Cas’s first Feliz Navidad, and there’s nothin’ stopping us from makin’ a couple memories

Got the whole thing planned, too. Gonna send Cas somewhere, some big mission for him, and I’m gonna Saint Nick the crap out of this place while he’s gone. A tree and tinsel and holly and pie, the whole nine.

Sam’ll be back by then. Only way I could get a tree down those damn stairs, anyway.

Soon as we hit a lead, find somethin’ that looks big, he’s ours.

‘Thought we might find it today, but there’s no way it’s goin’ on past tomorrow.

It’s been two weeks since it all went down, and in my book that’s a whole lot of time. Things get a little shaken up, angels who are dicks realize they swore they weren’t dicks and they strut on up to Heaven to repent leavin’ my kid brother just a phone call away. Fights happen, news articles. Somethin’.

Sure, we’ve been blind since he left, but on Christmas morning we’re gonna pop in that classic VHS of It’s a Wonderful Life and show Cas what the hell his nickname means

Seems fair, you know, to Meg? Gotta think of her somehow.

When all the shit hit the fan back there, to be honest, I lost my cool. I got pissed, I know that. Had to let it all out. But I’m not freakin’ out anymore. In fact, I’m okay. Least that’s what I’m lettin’ Cas think

Cas’s been starin’ at me. The guy thinks I’m a time bomb, like any second now I’m gonna realize we have no plan and I’m gonna go off. But I’m not gonna let it happen this time

Just don’t want to worry him. And trust me, he’ll worry. If Cas sees me pick up a beer bottle he’ll tell himself I’m headin’ on a downward spiral and he won’t know what to do and end up trying to smite the damn liquor cabinet.

I’m keeping calm, carrying on. Takin’ the logical approach. And I’m doin’ it for Cas.

Who knows, maybe that’s the way I should’ve been all along.

I don’t know why, or how the hell I know this, but I’ve got a feeling. And it’s a good one. Long as I keep my head on straight, my brother’s gonna be home for Christmas.

'Just know it. I really do.